Teeth Whitening Toronto

Dentist Whitening Patient's Teeth

We provide a comfortable, friendly, and informative environment to help ensure your experience with us is as positive as possible. Our dentists strive to deliver excellent results that surpass our patients' expectations. At Dundas East Dental, our dentist offers both in-office teeth whitening treatments and take-home teeth whitening treatments to better accommodate patient needs and busy schedules.

As you grow older, changes in the mineral structure of your enamel can cause teeth to become darker and duller. Ingesting darkly colored liquids, smoking, and poor oral hygiene may also cause unwanted stains and tooth discoloration. 

Our Zoom! in-office teeth whitening procedure uses highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide which is applied to your smile in 15 minute intervals, and may be re-applied up to three times within one office visit. With Zoom! professional teeth whitening, you can whiten your teeth up to 8 shades in just one visit! 

Our take-home teeth whitening kits contain custom-made dental trays and one syringe of professional-grade hydrogen peroxide gel, so patients may whiten their teeth in the comfort of their own home. Our take-home teeth whitening treatment is about twice as effective as over-the-counter kits.

When consulting the media or websites claiming to offer natural teeth whitening home-remedies, our teeth whitening dentist advises patients to be cautious and always consult a dental professional before performing such methods. Even simple household ingredients may cause more harm than good if not applied properly such as lemon juice, which in time can break down the enamel. 

The dentists at our clinic provide helpful teeth whitening tips such as drinking darkly colored liquids through a straw, and avoiding smoking. The general rule of thumb advised by our dentists is, if it can stain your clothes, it can probably stain your teeth. 

Depending on the teeth whitening procedure and the number of treatments desired, the teeth whitening prices may vary. During your teeth whitening consult, one of our dedicated dentists will explain in detail your teeth whitening procedure cost. To schedule your consultation, call ((416) 368-8787.