New Patient Exam

Smiles are unique. Some patients may require fewer maintenance visits than others to prevent the development of gum disease and tooth decay. Generally, we recommend each patient visit our clinic twice a year for dental exams and professional teeth cleanings. In some case, patients may require more frequent visits to help maintain their oral health. 

People who may be more prone to oral health issues include patients with diabetes, gum disease, low immunity, smokers, patients who have a tendency to develop cavities or build up plaque.

The amount of preventative dental care you require to maintain healthy teeth and gums may change throughout your lifetime. In times of illness or stress, patients may be more prone to changes in oral health. Our dentist will ensure your oral health remains on track to help you maintain a vibrant smile.

Our dentist will conduct a detailed oral examination to help devise a professional preventative care plan to help protect your oral health. Together with dental checkups, professional teeth cleaning and preventative care, we can help facilitate the early detection of potential oral health problems so they may be treated as soon as possible. By treating oral health issues before they are allowed to progress, we can help save our patients' time, money and uneccessary pain.