Damon Clear braces combines the aesthetic advantages of Clear Correct and Invisalign with the highest technology archwires which have been clinically proven to move teeth fast and comfortably for excellent results.

Damon Clear braces use tie-less clear brackets that are designed with a slide mechanism that enables the to be secured the the archwire while also allowing the brackets to move freely. This reduces friction and binding so that your teeth can move more efficiently, quickly and comfortably. 

So what are the pros and cons of Damon braces? Damon braces offer the modern technology and aesthetic benefits of clear braces while also providing the effective, fast and efficient treatment patients look for when improving their smile. Damon clear braces is also ideal for younger patients who may be less likely to manage a removable appliance such as aligners. 

Another great advantage about Damon Clear braces is that they do not stain! These braces are comfortable, clear and easy to clean. 

The next question we are often asked is in reference to Damon Clear braces vs Invisalign. Damon Clear braces can be used to correct even the most complex of cases to effectively deliver outstanding results. Damon Clear can be used to correct bite problems, align teeth, and provide an ideal smile arc. Damon Clear is also able to deliver broader smiles for extraordinary results that are more difficult to achieve with aligners. 

Damon Clear Braces cost will be determined by the complexity of each case. To learn more about Damon Clear braces, or to book your free consultation with our dentist, call ((416) 368-8787 today. We are more than happy to assist you.