Sleep apnea and snoring occurs when a patient is unable to properly breathe while sleeping, causing infrequent shallow breaths or pauses in breathing. 

Patients with sleep apnea may suffer from apneas, which is a temporary cessation of breath. Apneas may last up to 40 seconds, until the brain alerts the patient to move so that they may resume normal breathing. 

Sleep apnea symptoms may include morning headaches, irritability, difficulty concentrating, fatigue, snoring, dry mouth, sore throat, night sweats, depression, forgetfulness, daytime sleepiness, and sudden awakenings followed by a sensation of choking or gasping.

At Dundas East Dental, we create custom-made sleep apnea and snoring appliances to help patients receive restful, uninterrupted sleep through oral appliance therapy. Our sleep apnea appliance is used to stabilize the tongue and jaw, helping our patients breathe easier while asleep. Our sleep apnea and snoring appliances may also be used to treat TMJ disorder.

Dr. Ali Al-Rubayee offers highly successful sleep apnea and snoring treatments, while continually seeking advanced techniques to better assist patients. Call ((416) 368-8787 to schedule your sleep apnea appointment.