Orthodontics Clinic Toronto

Dr. Azam

Our orthodontist at Dundas East Dental, provides patients with a variety of dental braces options to provide effective ortho treatment that also accommodates each patient’s preferences. Orthodontics are used to help improve the aesthetics, structure, and the functionality of a patient’s smile. 

Dental braces may be constructed from various materials such as metal, ceramic, or plastic. We offer discreet dental braces for adults, such as invisalign and clear braces, which do not draw unnecessary attention to dental work.

Dr. Ali Al-Rubayee provides a variety of orthodontic options to best suit your dental needs and personal preferences including traditional metal braces, ceramic braces, clear braces, damen braces, invisalign, lingual braces. 

Dental braces pain is minimal. Patients’ may feel some minor discomfort while the teeth and gums adjust to the gradual pressure. This discomfort usually subsides in a day or two, although your dentist may advise taking over-the-counter pain medication to relieve any discomfort.  

The type of dental braces, the complexity of your individual case, as well as any additional procedures necessary will determine your dental braces cost. During your consult, our dental braces dentist will explain available braces options and your dental braces price. Call ((416) 368-8787 to schedule your orthodontic consultation.